Taxi & Private Hire Licensing

Taxi hire companies provide a much sought-after service here in the UK.

The market currently has over a quarter of a million vehicles in operation so there is a need to have a robust licencing system in place to ensure operators adhere to rules and regulations. The current rules and regulations ensure both the safety of the drivers and their passenger’s along with ensuring fair competition in the local market. However, it is not uncommon to run into problems with your licence. If you find yourself in this situation then seeking professional help and advice from specialists in taxi industry law is highly recommended.

The Rules and Regulations of Keeping Your Taxi on The Road

To initially apply for a taxi licence, be that a Hackney Carriage or a Private Hire Vehicle, you must be able to work legally in the UK, have held a full GB or Northern Ireland driving licence - or a full EU driving licence for at least 12 months – and must be a fit and proper person (this is determined via an enhanced criminal records check). Your licence must be dealt with and issued by your own local council. It is worth noting they may impose a maximum amount of Hackney licences each year.

Your council will then invite you for a face to face appointment to assess your taxi licensing application. If your licence is granted, this will be issued for a set period of between 6 and 12 months. Please be aware that not everyone is issued a licence, and sometimes there is a long waiting list for an initial appointment. Once on the road your vehicle will be required to meet certain safety and cleanliness standards and display an identification plate.

If you are a taxi driver, proprietor or operator and you feel you have had your licence unfairly refused or suspended, or you have had conditions attached that are not reasonable, we are here to help you. We understand that as driving is your job it is important to keep your taxi licence active, without any untimely or unnecessary down time.

With you relying on your licence to work and earn a living we understand that if your licence is at risk of being revoked, your first application for a licence has been refused or if you want to apply to get your licence back then you will need professional advice and assistance from specialists in taxi industry law


If your licence or renewal is refused you have 21 days in which to lodge an appeal which will be heard at the Magistrates Court.

However, if issues have arisen with your current licence you may be called before a local authority licensing sub-committee to discuss this, especially if your continued employment is in jeopardy.

Professional representation at an appeal can make all the difference.

If you are required to attend an interview under caution with licensing officers, contact our taxi solicitors first to ensure your position is protected. We deal with all aspects of taxi licensing and related law and have extensive experience of representing drivers at the police station, licensing interview, licensing committee, magistrates’ court as well as at the Crown Court.

Here at Sarah Waddington’s we have also represented operators throughout the licensing and appeal process, we are able to represent drivers, companies and associations on both a local and national basis at public enquiries as well as transport tribunals.


Our experienced solicitors can represent you whatever your issue.

Many drivers and company owners who contact us are not aware of the different options, which are available to them, so as we can assist you with your difficulties at a time when you most need it, why not contact us for an initial consultation and discover what your options may be.

We can provide the best possible taxi licensing advice either on the strength of the case against you, or on how to improve the case you wish to bring, check that the correct procedures have been followed and follow that up with representation at the police station, Town Hall or in Court.

With our team of licensing solicitors, you can be confident in the knowledge that your case will be in safe, professional and experienced hands.

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