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Spanish Legal Services carried out by Sarah Waddington Legal Espana S.L

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Spanish Legal Services

Sarah Waddington Legal Espana S.L are committed to providing all clients with outstanding, first-class services, working exclusively and only for the interest of those who need our assistance. If you are an expat living in Spain, we can help you with a wide variety of legal issues you may be faced with, including:

Wills & Probate

Applying for probate essentially involves the application for the legal rights to handle the deceased’s ‘estate’, which includes their possessions, material assets and property. Inheritance of their estate can only be decided if the potential recipient obtains a grant of probate. However, if passing estate or being acknowledged as a beneficiary is proving challenging, our Spanish legislation team are expertly skilled, and will efficiently handle all occurring matters regarding your wills and probates complications abroad.

Spanish Company & Commercial Law

Having established an expert team of both British and Spanish Lawyers, by combining the knowledge and training of both all-encompassing working parties, we ensure our array of soliciting services can guarantee that we are able to assist in the relocation of UK Businesses to Spain. In addition to this, we can also offer direction and instruction ahead of company formation, both in Spain, the Canary Islands and in the United Kingdom. Many clients approach us asking for advice on how to appropriately and successfully protect your business interests – therefore this is another one of our services that has become increasingly popular over the years.

Whether you’re a small, or medium sized company, our professionals in commercial litigation are highly skilled in intellectual property matters, bankruptcy work and the enforcement and recovery of debts. As you can tell these complexities require the assistance of a superior soliciting service, like us.

Family Law

The family law department at Sarah Waddington Legal efficiently handles all delicate matters concerning Spanish family regulation and directives. Directly aiming at, but not exclusive to, our experts commonly settle disputes involving, judicial separations, matrimonial maintenance, child guardianships, pension agreements, child custody, adoption, abduction, as well as entitlement. With over 20 years of combined experience in Spanish and English family law, we have complete legal jurisdiction over a majority of cases, supporting and advising families with every potential conflict within court.

Civil Litigation

Are you currently a resident living, working or owning a property in Spain or the Canary Islands? There may be a time when you are unable to return to the UK and therefore require professional representation within the country you are currently residing in. Offering protection from any legal dispute, our civil litigation services can be provided for small or medium enterprises. Our aim when working with clients is to achieve maximal resolution through arbitration and efficient settlement.

Spanish Tax Law

Spain’s legislation system and constitution is highly complex and for this reason, it can be difficult to gain complete understanding over all the regulations. Our multi-lingual team has the ability to perform legal actions against the Spanish Governing Body and obtain a successful reputation in pursuing and enforcing UK debts. The current financial circumstance of Spanish Tax authorities involves the collection of a maximum amount of money from tax payers. However, if you require qualified advice and guidance to efficiently avoid tax obligation, financial penalties and overpayments, Sarah Waddington Legal are available to assist your needs.

Criminal Law

From years’ experience within the criminal regulation and lawsuit intricacies, we have successfully represented a multitude of victims of a variety of crimes, some of these include; domestic violence, assaults, motor accidents, theft, breaking and entering, fraudulent trading, criminal compensation and extradition, as well as timeshare fraud. The breach of Spanish constitutional laws can be considerably severe, having consequences for not only victims, but also the culprit. With the assistance of our team of Spanish solicitors, we embody all cases that require in depth guidance.


Bankruptcy is the official act of an individual or business being unable to pay back their outstanding debts. Our specialist solicitors are able to provide financial legal guidance to ensure you don’t have to be involved with the time consuming and intricately detailed process of locating and recovering any leftover debt. By tracing the assets on your behalf, we are able to effectively reduce the potential stress you may endure as a result of the uncertainty of your financial situation. All debtor’s belongings are measured and evaluated, and can be used to repay a portion of credit that is needed to be collected.

Banking Law

Spanish Banking Law is highly complex and requires in-depth guidance to ensure the execution is completed with caution and a thorough review of the financial situation has been carried out. Acquiring a wide range of cultural understanding, our Spanish Soliciting Practice is able to assist with any requirements, whether that is advice or legal representation, we are here to help if you desperately need to make a justified claim against a bank or financial institution.

Spain has a compound legal structure which incorporates the involvement of specific, precise rules and regulations which have complete control over the financing of Banks. The ‘Ley Hipotecaria’, also known as The Mortgage Law is the official registration of property and legal inscription and execution of mortgages. Our experts who obtain extensive experience in dealing with Banking Law give clients two differing options in order to find a solution – the ability to settle claims by comprehensive negotiation or taking legal court action.


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