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We’re an experienced solicitor firm with expertise exclusively in Timeshare Law, and many other areas of regulation and litigation. We have a great proven track record of excellent customer service and helping clients legally leave their Timeshare contracts.

With over 20 years’ experience in various legal matters, Sarah Waddington has knowledge to assist you with your needs. We pride ourselves on a fast and stress-free service that secures you with the best feasible result.

The Benefits of using a Timeshare Lawyer

So, you’ve decided that you want to legally leave a Timeshare contract that you no longer want, but you’re now unsure if you should try to leave it by yourself, or whether to contact a specialist Timeshare solicitor. In this instance, we strongly recommend contacting us. The stress of handling these situations alone can often be hectic and demanding. Therefore at Sarah Waddington Solicitors our main objective is to guide you through the process with ease and to erase any strain and pressure from your behalf.

Here at Sarah Waddington Solicitors we strive to provide the best possible service to all of our clients, assisting and guiding you every step of the way to ensure the best possible outcome.

In this industry it can be hard to get your value for money. There are many deceitful soliciting companies that aim to scam you into paying more money for their incompetent assistance. Nevertheless, Sarah Waddington Solicitors will refer you to our sister company Sarah Waddington Legal Espana who charges competitive, yet reasonable prices, which are reflected in the highly-quality service you will receive. In addition, there will be no hidden costs in your bill. You will be kept informed and if there happens to be any additional expenses, we will notify you immediately.

Without a specialist solicitors assistance, you could attract the attention of fraudulent companies who will try to convince you that you will never legally win or secure your case. This may leave you insecure and suspicious of all Timeshare Solicitors. However, by contacting us today, we will be able to confirm if these are merely false claims or whether they are something to worry about – even if they are, we are here to support you and your case.

Our Specialist Services

We cover all Timeshare issues, and most holiday claims from flight delay compensation to holiday sickness claims to holiday home ownership. There is nothing we can’t handle. And although we mainly specialise in Timeshare and Consumer Law and Practice, we also offer advice on a range of other legal issues, including; personal compensation claims, taxi licencing, road traffic law and employment disputes.

Many Timeshare specialist solicitors only take on cases when they feel they have a chance of winning. Alternatively some companies may try to deceive you into paying more money than the amount you get in return, ultimately leaving you at a loss. However, our team and that of our sister company Sarah Waddington Legal Espana are trained timeshare and legal experts who you can trust. Having represented thousands of timeshare owners over the years – there’s no case that is too challenging or distressing for our team, virtually guaranteeing you with a high success rate.

What are your next steps

Here at Sarah Waddington Solicitors we pride ourselves on providing an efficient and friendly service to everyone who instructs our firm. We focus on client satisfaction and we aim to ensure that all expectations are met and exceeded. All worries and tension from your behalf will be removed – We are here to help you!

If you are stuck in a timeshare you can no longer afford or want, contact Sarah Waddington Solicitors today to be referred to Sarah Waddington Legal Espana for a friendly and professional Initial Assessment to go through the details of you circumstances and advise you on whether your particular case is capable of being stopped. There’s no better time than the present. If you are interested in a smooth and dependable procedure that will undoubtably deliver results; enquire today.

Benefits of using Sarah Waddington Solicitors

Friendly Professional Initial Assessment

High Success Rate

Agreed Fee Services

No Hidden Costs

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Contact Sarah Waddington Solicitors today by calling us direct on 01924 675039 or emailing us on info@sarahwaddingtonsolicitors.co.uk. Alternatively Send us a message and one of our professional team will be in touch with you shortly.

Remember, there is no obligation to instruct us so contact us now for your free consultation.

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