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Timeshare Regulations

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Many people are involved in a Timeshare contract but remain completely unaware of the regulations which were established to protect consumers from unfair practices by developers. Since the regulations were created in 1994, there have been numerous amendments over the years, to both the Timeshare Directive and Timeshare Act with significant improvements and protection with each amendment. This is vital to ensure timeshare companies are following and abiding the regulations set by the leading body. However, although the European Commission has tried to control poor practices, there still remains numerous cases where the rules are not being followed.

There is no doubt that timeshare law is an extremely complex and specialised area but knowledgeable professionals such as Sarah Waddington Solicitors can advise you on the best path to take and help greatly reduce the stress of trying to resolve your timeshare case. We are able to deal with and manage across multiple governing laws as well as different areas of law such as property contract and finance. There can also be added complications when the property is owned in one country, trusted in a different one to that and then managed from another. When this happens different countries legislation will need to be assessed as Timeshares in Europe are covered by the European Timeshare Act and Timeshare Directive.

What Are the Timeshare Regulations?

Since the European Timeshare Directive was first established in 1994, there have been various amendments over the years that have replaced the original regulations. With the updated act, rules are clearer and more straight-forward, allowing consumers to be protected against unwanted, and troublesome timeshare contracts. Compared to the act of 1994, the statute has changed and now has the capability to cover movable accommodation and contracts of less than three years and re-sale agreements. These regulations were designed for all EU countries to follow and adapt their national law for implementation to timeshare companies.

The Official Role of the Timeshare Trader

To verify the legitimacy of the trader, they must provide and inform the consumer of all details regarding price, property description, duration of contract and the length of stay in the chosen accommodation. This is only a small portion of information that they need to disclose as there are copious directives that are significant in timeshare law. If they fail to inform the consumer of this information, they are breaching the binding agreement, leading to altercations between the trader and the timeshare buyer.

The Benefits of Timeshare Regulations

The aim of timeshare regulations is to reduce the risk of unlawful timeshare companies manoeuvring or tricking consumers into unwanted contracts. When regulations are set for timeshare companies, they are more likely to deter the improper rules they follow when dealing with consumers looking to relinquish or completely get out of their timeshare contract.

In the timeshare industry, the rise of rogue traders is not only increasing, but they are always adapting and finding new ways to trick or scam people – which is something solicitors are very aware of. It is important that everybody works together to help protect consumers and combat the illegitimate companies and the people who run them.

When these regulations first came out in 1994, they were a disconcertion for all timeshare companies as it outlined the fraudulent contracts they were offering to customers. There are many benefits to the Timeshare Directive, including an improved confidence for consumers which leads to an improvement in the market industry. By having the guidelines documented within the constitution, there is additional protection for customers, who may be otherwise unaware that they are signing a dishonest contract. It also encourages timeshare companies to be more authentic and disclose all detail of the information which summaries the contract.

What is the purpose of the UK Timeshare regulations?

In 2011, new regulations regarding – timeshares, holiday products, resale and exchange contracts came into force across the UK. These updated regulations transpose the EU Directive 2008/122/EC into UK law and work to help enhance consumer confidence in the timeshare industry as well as help to eliminate the rogue traders causing the problems.

These rules are much simpler and clearer than those before them and help better protect consumers from illegal or unreasonable timeshare contracts and timeshare scams. They also stipulate that traders must provide consumers with detailed information such as price and additional costs, contracts length, description and terms, in advance of signing the contract.

These regulations cover different types of timeshare and holiday ownership and accommodation agreements such as apartments in holidays resorts as well as moveable properties such as boats and mobile homes.

The regulations apply to the sale and marketing of these types of contract:

  • Timeshare contracts with a duration of more than one year.
  • Long term holiday product contract with a duration of more than one year.
  • Resale contracts under which a consumer uses a trader to sell or buy their timeshare or long-term holiday product.
  • Exchange contracts where a consumer joins an exchange system, permitting them access to overnight accommodation or other services, in exchange for temporary access to the rights and benefits arising from the timeshare contract.

The ultimate aim of these updated regulations is to help and protect consumers from bad, unlawful and dishonest contracts that can leave them tied in for life and losing money.

Some key aspects of the directive include the right to withdraw from the contract which ensures that consumers have a 14 day ‘cooling off period’ in which they are entitled to change their mind. During this time traders are not allowed under any circumstances to ask for any form of payments or deposits in advance and withdrawing from the contract within this time should be without loss or penalty of any sort.

A Metcalf May 2021

It’s finally over and we are out of the timeshare.

When I called in October last year and you answered the phone I was in a very bad place, having just realised I was being scammed again by J Foster Associates. You managed to calm me down and get my money back. I will not forget your calming voice that day and I will always be crateful to you for that. All the staff at Sara Waddington Solicitors have been excellent and the whole process has been smooth.

Mr B Davey

On behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to say a big thank you all at Sarah Waddington Solicitors who have helped us resolve our timeshare problem, you have put our minds at ease. I will not hesitate to recommend you should anybody who has a similar problem ask me in the future. Thanks again. Best Regards Mr B J Davey, Mrs J A Davey

Mr Terrence Webb

Former owner at Fortina Spa Resort, receiving over £14,000 in compensation. - "I was much relieved to be put in touch with you and I am just too impressed for words at the professionalism of the company."

P.A. Hobson

Thank you for your letter confirming the relinquishment of my timeshare. I was very pleased to receive it. I would like to thank you and your team for all your hard work, you made it very easy for me. All I had to do was be patient. So thank you very much and should anyone ask I will definitely recommend you.

Gary Semley

On a personal note today, after hearing the European Claim Centre (on the phone) call your company a 'scammer', today's conference came as further reassurance that we were absolutely with the right company. You may not realise it but your direct, and matter-of-fact 'bedside manner' left us in no doubt that we were under the care of very professional people (not that we should have needed any more reassurance).

Chris Roberton

Sarah gave excellent service and kept us informed in releasing us from Diamond Resorts points timeshare. Quite a relief to not have to pay those ever increasing maintenance fees. Thank you Sarah.

Mr and Mrs Andrews

When we got that final letter indicating that our membership with Diamond Resorts was now at an end it was such a relief. Financially it would have crippled us if we'd had to carry on paying the maintenance fees that were rising every year. When we took out our membership it was fine but everything went downhill after Diamond Resorts took over the business. It became a very expensive luxury which we could not afford and age and health became a problem. Diamond were very unhelpful when we tried to relinquish our membership and that was the reason why we turned to you for help. We would like to thank you for your help in this matter and we are more than happy with the representation and advice which you gave us.

Alan Clark

Sarah Waddington Solicitors has recently contested, and successfully won a flight compensation claim for me. I found them to be very friendly, helpful and extremely professional. The contact was minimal throughout with no hassle, and I was kept up to date with proceedings as things progressed. I received the full amount of compensation (although when I initially challenged the Airline myself they told me I wasn't entitled to anything!!) for which I am delighted. I would have no hesitation contacting Sarah Waddington again or recommending her to family, friends and colleagues.

Arman Mazlum

A first class service from an approachable yet highly professional practice. Dealt with my flight delay claim extremely swiftly and with minimal hassle. Much recommended.

Carol Walker

When the maintenance fees for our time share soared in price we decided to try and " get out of our contract" after much discussions we were told that it would be very difficult if not impossible eventually we were put in touch with Sarah and she said she could help. After many months of contact with the timeshare company Sarah was successful and our contract was cancelled. Sarah kept us informed every step of the way. So if you are looking to cancel your timeshare give Sarah a call I am sure she will give you excellent advice.

Colette Walton

When we were first told that Sarah Waddington Solicitors could terminate our contract with a points style timeshare company, we were concerned that it wasn't a legitimate claim, as we had been told by the timeshare company that it wasn't possible. However, Sarah Waddington's have managed to terminate our contract for us, for which we are very grateful. We were kept informed throughout the case, very politely and professionally. We would certainly recommend Sarah Waddington Solicitors to anyone who is having the same problems.

David Williams

I am very happy with the service and support Sarah has provide to me, in dealing with a complex case over the last 12 months. I would have no problems recommending Sarah to any of my friends. I have contacted other law firms in Leeds and found them pompous and arrogant, Sarah is not and works well those who have less or no legal knowledge. I would advise any new clients, Sarah is user friendly.

Paul Goodhall

Just received my cheque for over £600 for my Flight Delay claim which was handled by Sarah Waddington Solicitors. I had a flight delay with my family a few years ago and after coming across their website submitted my claim which was simple and stress free. They were able to get my compensation within a few months on a No Win No Fee basis, was well worth the wait and the fee and would highly recommend them to my friends and family which I have already done. The money will now go towards a much needed holiday for my family again and as much as the delay caused us to miss 3 hours of our holiday, to receive this money it goes a long way towards compensating us for the loss of the time and inconvenience. I now happily await the next 3 hour delay!!

Dr Pilkington

Thank you very much for your help on the Timeshare matter. I cannot tell you how relieved I am!

S Gerscher

It is indeed great news, my wife is highly delighted as there was the worry of anything had happened to me she would have struggled financially yo pay these fees. May I take this opportunity o thank you and your colleagues for making this possible.

Mr & Mrs Betchley

Thank you for all the work that you ad the team carried out for our Timeshare relinquishment.

Mrs & Mrs Laughton

Thanks to all the team at Sarah Waddington Solicitors for their expert assistance & work in bringing this Timeshare matter y a successful conclusion. I would recommend your Solicitors practice without reservation to others who may now have reached a stage in their life where circumstances are changing.

Mr & Mrs Allen

Many thank once again for all the work you have done to draw this Timeshare issue to a close. It is very much appreciated and a great relief.

Mr & Mrs Cumberauld

After seeking to free ourselves from the trauma of timeshare, pestered by organisations who wanted to “help”, but it felt like timeshare selling all over again! We then found the team at Sarah Waddington Solicitors. An incredible team that communicates frequently and they successfully steered us through to our relinquishment. What a result SWS has our deepest thanks.

Mr & Mrs Sides

Thank you so much for getting me out of my Timeshare contract and getting all my money back. Please accept my very sincere thanks for all your help and hard work on my behalf. I cannot begin to say how grateful I am.

Ms G Cope-Brown. 3/06/2019

“Thank you to the team at Sarah Waddington Solicitors for getting me out of my Timeshare. We were impressed with just how quick and easy it was”.

Ms Aerts, Berkshire. 13/6/2019

“I would like to thank Sarah Waddington Solicitors for dealing with my Holiday Sickness Claim on my behalf. I have now received the compensation that I was rightfully owed and I’m very grateful for all of their help”

Mr Rowley. 13/6/2019

“On behalf of Mrs Evans & I. We both thank you so very very much, for your determination & persistence in managing to resolve our claim against, Vuelling Airlines. Lisa, you have shown so much empathy & understanding to us both in this long fought battle & I hope your superiors appreciate that your a great asset to their firm!!!You have made to over 70s very happy & we shall recommend your firm to others, who have had similar unfortunate & stressful dealing with Airline Companies regarding similar flight cancellations. We shall now book another holiday but no flights with, Vuelling Airlines!!!'”.

Mr & Mrs Scullion, 14/6/2019

“Hello to all, just received the excellent news regarding our claim against Fuelling Airlines and would like to thank you for all your hard work and perseverance regards our claim excellent result”

Mrs Evans. 14/6/2019

I would like to thank everyone at Sarah Waddington especially John Hurley for Issuing proceedings and getting me out of the contract I had with Club la Costa. It's a relief to have that weight taken off me. I would recommend this business to anyone in my situation.

Ms Vail. 19/6/2019

Thank you for your call today letting us know we are out of our Timeshare, we are both so grateful for this piece of news. At this point, we are both looking forwards to finally thinking about 'living' again after the last four years or so of feeling like we'd completely wrecked the financial lives of our children as well as our own. Thanks to the persistence and sheer hard work of Sarah Waddington Solicitors it is now dawning on us that we can move on with our lives and we are eternally grateful to them for this.

Mr & Mrs Semley, Barnsley. 24/5/2019

Thank you to Sarah Waddingtons for their help terminating my timeshare contract- it is a great relief to have this finalised so that my daughter does not have to be bothered with it in the future

Ms Yellop. 29/7/2019

Thank you to Sarah Waddingtons for their help terminating my timeshare contract- it is a great relief to have this finalised so that my daughter does not have to be bothered with it in the future

Mr & Mrs Pask. 07/8/2019

We have today received a letter from Lena Karisson of Palm Oasis confirming our contract is cancelled. Hallelujah it has taken a lot of time and work to achieve. So thank you.

Ms Toone, Leicestershire. 28/8/2019

Thank you for getting me my compensation for my holiday sickness claim, such a relief. Please extend my thanks to Ornella and Alfie for bringing this to such a satisfactory conclusion.

Mr & Mrs Ramage 4/9/2019

We are delighted at the work carried out on our behalf, and our successful relinquishment of our timeshare by Sarah Waddington solicitors, and all so quick and pleasant. Mr Robert Adam was a joy to talk to and kept us informed throughout the process.

Mr & Mrs Jervis 10/9/2019

A big thank you to Sarah Waddington and her team for the hard work and unflappable, steady and reassuring professionalism throughout. Thanks to the team’s efforts and expertise we are finally released from our timeshare contract

Z Chaieb 21/10/2019

Richard Ricks is a knowledgeable, helpful, professional, understanding, and calm Barrister. He dealt with my case incredibly well, and got me the result I needed and wanted. I would highly recommend him to anybody in need of legal support.

T.G. & R.A. Booth. 21/10/2019

We are extremely grateful that Sarah Waddington Solicitors have managed to cancel our contract with Club la Costa. It has been like an albatross around our necks and it hasn't helped the health issues that we both have been suffering from for the last few years. It feels like a great weight has been lifted.

Mr and Mrs Byrne 27/9/2019

We have received today 27/9/2019 a letter from V C Lawson Legal Dept Diamond Resorts confirming our contract with them has been cancelled, it has taken 2 years and money to do it but we are finely FREE hooray!!!.Thank You for all the work you have done to get us and our family out of all this situation.

Find Out More About the Timeshare Regulations

Regulations are imperative in the timeshare industry as without them, people who engage in a timeshare’s companies service could end up in a timeshare dispute which is unnecessary. People need to keep up to date with the latest guidelines and principles before entering into an agreement that they aren’t 100% certain is law abiding.

If you have read our page and are interested in the many rules and regulations involved in timeshare law, you have come to right place. Our specialist solicitors can help with any issues you may be encountering with your timeshare and can guarantee that your case will be dealt with in a professional and proficient manner. With in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise in all areas of timeshare law, Sarah Waddington Solicitors is the team you can trust to handle your complex case.


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