Road Traffic Accident Claims

Why claim compensation for a RTA?

If you were injured in a road traffic accident that was not your fault, you could be entitled to compensation. Our team of expert Personal Injury Solicitors can help you get the compensation and rehabilitation you need.

Road traffic accidents can be very traumatic, with the causes and circumstances surrounding each case varying dramatically. If you or a family member have been injured in a road traffic accident that was not your fault, you could be entitled to compensation.

Our team of road traffic accident solicitors have a wealth of knowledge in this area and will be able to quickly determine whether you have a valid claim and will be on hand every step of the way to ensure that you get the best support and legal representation you need.

Road traffic accident compensation claims can provide financial recompense your injuries and for a variety of expenses which may be incurred during recovery or rehabilitation. The amount of compensation received will be based on the following:

• The severity of the accident, the physical injuries received and any pain or suffering endured. • The medical treatment received, and any costs associated with this. • The cost of any future care or treatment required. • Loss of earnings following the accident and any estimated loss of future earnings. • The extent of any emotional or mental health problems suffered due to the accident, such as depression, anxiety or PTSD.

What is the claims process?

Once our solicitors have agreed to take on your road traffic accident claim, we will gather information on your car accident to determine the details of the incident. We will establish who is responsible for your injuries and aim to get an admission of fault from that party. Usually, the compensation amount you receive will be agreed with your opponent. However, when this is not possible, or an agreement cannot be made, we will take your case to court and continue to support you every step of the way.

Why use Sarah Waddington Solicitors?

After a road traffic accident, the first company you would usually call is your car insurers. Quite often they will recommend to you a legal team to help you get compensation for any injuries you may have suffered. However, you are within your legal rights to instruct whoever you wish, and your insurance company can never insist that you use their recommended lawyers.

It should be noted that it is not uncommon for an insurance or claims management company to try and settle for compensation amounts lower than we would expect. We would therefore advise you to use the services of a solicitor for all types of personal injury claims.

Here at Sarah Waddington solicitors, as an SRA regulated firm of Solicitors, we can fight on your behalf, against even the biggest multi-million-pound companies and their extensive legal teams.

We will also always recover the maximum possible compensation for you, your injuries and your personal circumstances. We have seen in some of the most serious cases compensation of over one million pounds.

At Sarah Waddington solicitors we have a team of expert personal injury solicitors who can help you get the compensation and rehabilitation you need. We have experience dealing with a variety of road traffic accidents clams that have included: whiplash accident claims, young driver accident claims, passenger accident claims and taxi accident claims.

The Law Society state that it is important to seek proper legal representation for your claim and it is of course important you are comfortable with the legal representation you instruct, so you need to ensure you consider all of your options beforehand. You can always speak to a member of our team for a free consultation to help you make an informed decision.

How soon should you make a claim?

The limitation date for road traffic accidents, like personal injury claims is 3 years. Meaning if your road traffic accident was in the last three years from today's date you can make a claim. However, there are many benefits of contacting your chosen law firm as soon as possible. For example, the accident investigation can take several months, and the memories of the incidents are much fresher in the minds of you and any witnesses to the accident.

Exceptions to the three-year limitation date:

  • Mental Capacity - if a friend or relative lacks the mental capacity to make a claim themselves, you care able to make a claim on their behalf and there is no limitation date in this instance.
  • Children - where a child is concerned, you can make an RTA claim at any point up until they are 18 years old, at which point your child can make a claim up until they turn 21.
  • Criminal Injuries - injuries sustained as a result of a deliberate act can be made through the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority. In this instance, a limitation of two years would apply from the date of the incident.
  • What details will we need from you?

    The following information will initially be used to establish if you have a valid claim. This will also allow our team of experts to work out how much compensation you might be entitled to. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of this information to hand when you first speak to us as this can be provided at a later date.

  • Accident date and location
  • How the accident occurred
  • Contact details of any witnesses
  • Injuries suffered and any medical reports you have already obtained
  • Third party details such as name, registration and insurance details
  • Proof of any expenses or loss of earnings you may have encountered
  • Any other supporting evidence that you think could help in your claim for example, photographs of the scene.

  • Do I have to have a medical examination?

    As part of the road traffic accident claims process, we will arrange for you to have a medical examination. This will help us to determine the extent and impact of your injuries. This is how we work out how much compensation you deserve. It is important you seek your own medical assistance as early as possible as this will not only ensure you receive any treatment you need, but also will be useful as extra medical evidence which could support your case. Remember, even if you think you only have minor injuries, these injuries could be more serious than first imagined so it is always important to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

    Will I have to go to court?

    When pursuing any type of claim, you should always be prepared to go to court if needed. However, at Sarah Waddington solicitors we will always try to establish who was responsible for the road traffic accident and pursue an admission of liability from that person. If this is successful, your case can be settled outside of court and there is no need to issue court proceedings. This is the case for the majority of claims we look after.

    If your case does need to go to court though, we will be with you every step of the way, we will advise you on what to expect, and can offer you court advice and tips to help prepare you for what to expect.

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