The Timeshare Trap

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Is your timeshare beginning to feel like more of a burden rather than a luxury? This is more than likely going to be the case and many people find themselves in this position every day. If you have been involved in a timeshare contract for a number of years and are struggling to find your way out, you may require some professional help from specialist solicitors.

Our main objective here at Sarah Waddington Solicitors, with the help of our sister company Sarah Waddington Legal Espana is to achieve the required outcome for each client and provide a valuable, efficient service, ensuring they are fully satisfied with the concluding result. We understand and believe that our services will benefit and provide clients with a kick-start in the right direction to ensure they’re no longer being forced into a contract which they no longer need or require.

Problems You May Face with Timeshare Companies

One of the main problems people face when trying to escape from a timeshare is the lack of understanding and knowledge they obtain about the contract itself. This can be detrimental as people will undoubtedly fail to spot and realise the flaws within this which could prevent them from getting out of the timeshare. Their popularity has rapidly declined in the past few years, less people are willing to enter into a contract due to the negative reputation they have gain over time. Rising Maintenance Fees: One of the main problems people encounter with Timeshares is the constant worry of rising maintenance fees, and when they first involve themselves in the contract, they aren’t informed about this data. This rise may be the source of your financial stress for many people and are constantly struggling to find a way to diminish/reduce this stress. These increases in maintenance fees are sometimes very daunting for timeshare owners as they are physically unable to pay this money. There is often an element of desperation and fright, particularly if you have had demand letters from the Timeshare company directly, or bailiff’s letters and debt collectors knocking at the door attempting to collect unpaid maintenance fees. This is an increasing debt, which for many Timeshares owners becomes a yearly fear, particularly, if it remains unpaid and is accruing interest. Our calculator can help you work out how much you could end up paying over the duration of your Timeshare contract.

How to Deal with Timeshare Companies

It is important to note that if you have stopped paying your management fees and no action has been taken against you, you should never assume that it won’t be, as this most likely isn’t going to be the case. In our experience, most companies will wait until the debt is high enough to act, in fact we have seen companies waiting up to 5 years before action is taken, as the debt has then built up to a level worth collecting. Timeshare Companies are very clever with the way they deal with debt collection and they work ways around to ensuring they get the money back. Here at Sarah Waddington Solicitors, we are trying to prevent this from happening in the future and plan on eradicating the conniving ways that timeshare companies obtain on a daily basis. Some Timeshare contracts are in perpetuity, meaning there is no end date and they may pass on to your family or can force your estate into probate. There have been cases where Timeshare companies have forced this to happen and this is something we are looking to completely avoid and with the help of professionals like us, we can guarantee to do our utmost to ensure these unlawful timeshare companies don’t get away with robbing you of all your well-deserved money.

What Sarah Waddington Solicitors Can Do to Help

Timeshare cases that require the unwinding of a contract are complex. As a result, our sister company Sarah Waddington Legal Espana we work on an agreed fee basis. They do this so that clients are aware, at the outset of a case, the exact sum being charged. There are no hidden costs. Sarah Waddingon Legal Espana endeavour to work closely with all clients, ensuring that they are fully aware of all the tasks they carry out.

How to Escape from Your Timeshare Trap

Timeshare contracts are very complex and diverse, they are constantly changing, and people find it difficult to fully understand them in great detail, therefore being one of the main reasons why the struggle of getting out has been increasing in convolution over the years. Alongside our sister company Sarah Waddington Waddington Legal Espana, our specialist and expert team have a wealth of knowledge in these areas and can assist you with any issues you may have with your club – it is not new that clients come to us on a daily basis with the increasing worry of rising maintenance fees and debt collection from the timeshare companies themselves. We specialise in Timeshare disputes and with the use of our sister company Sarah Waddington Legal Espana can legally take you out of your Timeshare contract if you feel you have been mis-sold. Talk to Sarah Waddington Legal Espana for a free, no obligation assessment of your circumstance – whatever the matter, we can guarantee to advise in the best direction to take, whether that requires intervention from us professionals or simply, giving advice on the entire situation.
Why is it often so difficult to get out of a timeshare contract?

Timeshare contracts can be very complicated and designed to keep the owners in long term, expensive contractual agreements that do not allow for a simple sale, return or buy out. Without professional legal help and guidance, owners can be unsure of their timeshare options and left having no idea what they can do to get out of it.

Some people can find themselves no longer able to afford or visit their timeshare, but no matter the circumstances the timeshare companies are usually unaccepting of any attempts to come to a fair arrangement and will often threaten debtors and further action against those refusing to continue to pay.

They also use clever legal clauses such as the ‘in perpetuity’ clause which means that the contract is quite literally set to continue forever or past the expected life of the owners. Making it as difficult as possible for people to get out of their timeshare contract is a matter of self-preservation for these companies whose aim is to continue receiving maintenance fees from the existing owners, in order to keep their resorts running and making a profit.

When people are sold their timeshares, they are usually sold a fantasy made up of lies and empty promises created in order to get them to sign on the dotted line. The people that sell this dream are not ethical or morale and they do not care about the long-term financial implications for the buyers, only the profit it will make for them.

Part of the ‘sales pitch’ spouted is usually about what a fantastic investment it will be, how it will hold or even increase in value and can be sold at a later date if you desire and even use this to trick people into agreeing to the ‘in perpetuity clause’ and believing it is for their benefit.

However, the reality is that timeshare contracts have little to no resale value, hence why there are literally thousands of them listed for sale all over the internet.

Don’t be fooled by timeshare resale or selling companies as more often or not these are actually a timeshare scam. These places promise to list and sell your timeshare which almost never actually happens, and they make their entire income by charging upfront costs and listing fees.

Timeshare contracts can be very complicated and also vary a great deal which is why it’s important to speak to an expert who specialises in timeshare law.

Some people may feel like they have been mis-sold their timeshare in which there is a possibility to investigate and legally take them out of the contract. Some are simply looking to move on and no longer wish to pay the rising maintenance fees and others may have had a change in circumstances and are in financial difficulty being threatened with debt-collection from the timeshare company.

No matter the situation surrounding the need get out of a timeshare, at Sarah Waddington Solicitors, we always work with our client’s best interest in mind and can start with a free, no obligation assessment to help advise you on your options, how you can proceed and what action to take.

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