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Timeshare Refunds

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Maintenance Fee Refunds For Timeshare Owners

  • Do you own a timeshare?
  • Did you miss out on the use of your timeshare during 2020 due to the pandemic?
  • Were you still made to pay your full 2020 maintenance fees?

At Sarah Waddington Solicitors, we are working to help timeshare owners get the restitution they deserve for unfairly charged maintenance costs. If you are eligible, then our timeshare solicitors can take on and process your claim on your behalf on a no-win-no-fee basis!

Timeshare Fees in 2020

In 2020, European timeshare companies charged timeshare owners around £2 billion in maintenance fees, despite the fact that most of them were unable to use their timeshare properties due to the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions in place across Europe.

Unlike airlines, hotels and other sectors of the travel industry who have issued refunds to customers that were unable to use the services they had paid for, greedy timeshare companies continued to charge in full!

Profiting from the pandemic and keeping customers money without providing a service is beyond unreasonable and something that we at Sarah Waddington Solicitors are doing our best to fight back on. Our expert lawyers are currently working with timeshare owners to help them get refunds for some of the money paid out for these unfair charges.

If you have paid your 2020 maintenance fees but were unable to use your timeshare due to the COVID-19 pandemic, then you could be eligible to claim some of your money back.

What Can We Do To Help?

There has been lots of backwards and forwards on this over the time of the pandemic with most timeshare companies simply ignoring the pleas of customers and refusing to accept or even acknowledge that having to pay 100% fees is unacceptable.

During 2020, a survey was carried out on maintenance fees across over 1400 timeshare owners. From this survey they found that out of all of them they questioned, only 3 were offered any sort of refund from their management group or timeshare resort. Following this, in October of 2020 a spokesperson from a well-known company confirmed that owners of timeshares should in fact be entitled to and may have legal recourse to claim back their fees.

Our team of legal experts have been working hard and doing everything we can using the appropriate channels, methods and tactics to get back the hard earned money of our clients who have unfairly paid maintenance fees for a property they could not use due to the COVID pandemic.

Timeshare Refund Advice

If you have a timeshare and paid your full maintenance in 2020, but were unable to use the property due to the issues surrounding COVID then you could be entitled to compensation.

At Sarah Waddington Solicitors, our timeshare specialists are on hand to help advise you on – whether you are eligible, what you will need to make a claim, how much you could potentially get back, how the process works and the next steps if you wish to proceed.

In addition to this if you have any questions at all regarding timeshare maintenance fee compensation then do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our knowledgeable, friendly advisors will be happy to help.

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