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Many Timeshare owners find themselves looking for a route out of their agreement every day. Most are unsure what to do, or who to speak to for help. Some have even been unsuccessfully attempting to legally exit their Timeshare contract for a number of years. However, our Solicitors and those at our sister company Sarah Waddington Legal Espana are confident we can help you with the best course of action for your individual case.

Timeshare Relinquishments

Timeshare Relinquishments is a well-known phrase used in the timeshare industry and has developed massively in the past few years. The definition of Timeshare Relinquishment is simply, giving back the accommodation to the original company. However, this has seemed challenging in past years as many contracts state that you are unable to relinquish the property – many people don’t realise that this is the case and so need to seek professional help. Sarah Waddington Legal Espana's role is to ensure you are released from your timeshare contract legally.

Some Timeshare companies will allow you to hand your Timeshare back to them. However, this is extremely uncommon. Most people who request this service are told they cannot do this and are then advised to try to sell it themselves. This can prove to be quite difficult as not everybody is looking to buy a timeshare accommodation. Most resort companies do not offer an in-house resale service so really, you are on your own with this.

Sell It

Lots of people try to sell their Timeshare and you can currently find thousands for sale online. However very few actually sell. Owning a Timeshare is far less desirable compared to how it once was, leaving you struggling to pass the burden on.

Even if you are lucky enough to find a buyer, you are less likely to receive more than what you paid for it. Prices for timeshares ultimately depend on the following factors; location, size of accommodation, quality of resort, time of year and how much the buyer is willing to pay.

This is an option that most people try. Although your Timeshare does have a value to you, it may not have a value to anybody else. People tend to buy Timeshare while they are on holiday, just like you did. By advertising Timeshares for sale on resale sites or public auction sites like eBay they usually quickly realise that this will not work.

Legal Action

Timeshare law is very complex, and often covers multiple jurisdictions. This often puts people off of taking this course of action. However, we specialise in this area of law and have successfully assisted many Timeshare contract relinquishments. We can also help you fight for compensation if we feel you deserve it – our specialist staff will make sure the success of your case is dis-cussed during your 30-minute initial assessment. Once this is arranged, we can advise you on whether to take legal action or deal with your timeshare dispute accordingly.

You can find out more about the legal process here.


There are lots of companies out there offering this service. However, it is illegal for companies, who are not law firms, to ask for money to sell or dispose of your Timeshare. We have clients coming to us every day who have been scammed out of thousands, by companies offering to get you out of your Timeshare.

Under the terms of the amended Timeshare Directive of 2008 which came in to UK Law in February 2011, any non SRA registered firms, Timeshare relinquishment or timeshare resale company cannot charge any upfront fee. We often deal with clients who have paid – sometimes multiple times – for disposal services and now not only own their original Timeshare and still have the liability they started with but have paid out thousands for holiday packages which their Timeshares were supposed to be traded in against. This then complicates the legal process with multiple actions now being required. Don’t be too alarmed if you are in this position, our team have dealt with some of the most complex cases involving many different parties and can still help.

Stop Paying Management Fees

This is a course of action we would not suggest as it isn’t the most effective and can sometimes lead to further retribution. Most companies have a clause in their contracts, stating they reserve the right to repossess, although they rarely act upon this. More often, they will send out debt collection companies to get this money back. Ultimately, you have signed a contract, and until that contract is no longer valid, you are liable for those fees. However, in most cases we will be able to offer an alternative solution to this issues.

We are confident that we can help you with the best service, whether that is relinquishment or a claim. Talk to us for a free, no obligation assessment of your circumstances.

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