Flight Delay Compensation Amounts

The EU Law states that passengers whose flights arrive at their intended destination over 3 hours later than planned can claim up to €600 (£539*) per person in flight delay compensation.

EU Regulation 261 isn’t designed to reimburse passengers for their tickets and has nothing to do with how much they paid for their flights. It is in place to ensure that the airlines honour their responsibility to their customers and pay them compensation for the inconvenience caused by their delayed flight.

The exact amount of compensation you are entitled to is dependent upon how severely you have been inconvenienced and is therefore based on the length of your journey, whether it was short, medium or long haul, and the length of the delay.

At Sarah Waddington Solicitors, our team have years of knowledge and experience working on compensation claims just like yours. If you are uncertain if you qualify or are unsure of your next steps, we can help analyse your claim, assess your case and work with you to get you the compensation you deserve!

Are You Eligible for Flight Delay Compensation?

In line with the EU Regulation 261/2004, to be entitled to flight delay money back, passengers rights are protected for;

• All flights within the UK and the EU

• All Flights departing from the UK and the EU

• Flights arriving at the UK and EU from outside the UK and EU, but are operated by a UK or EU airline

• Flights that arrive at their end destination with a delay of three hours or more

• Flights that took place in the past 6 years

If the flight was been delayed for more than 5 hours and you no longer wished to travel, then you would have been entitled to a refund. Please note that if you did not travel, then you won’t be eligible for compensation.

A lot of the time airlines will claim that a flight has been delayed due to ‘extraordinary circumstances’ which are out of their control and therefore they do not have to pay compensation. This includes issues such as adverse weather conditions, acts of terrorism and air traffic control strikes.

How Much Is Flight Delay Compensation?

Your delay duration and journey length are used to determine the eligibility of your claim as well as the amount of money you could be entitled to. It is important to note that the delay time is calculated by your flight arrival time, not the departure time. So, for example if your flight was due to take off at 12pm but didn’t depart until 3:15pm and landed at its destination with a delay of 2 hours and 45 minutes after the pilots were about to make up some of the lost time, you are not entitled to compensation.

3 HoursUp to 1500 km€250
3 Hours+ 1500km to 3500km€400
3-4 HoursOver 3500 km€300
4 Hours+Over 3500 km€600

This table outlines the exact requirements in order to process a flight delay claim. Different airlines vary in regard to the regulations they follow when flight delays are involved and therefore, this will need to be considered when dealing with your claim. In certain circumstances, it isn’t unlikely that airlines will refuse to offer compensation for the inconvenience caused. If this occurs, the experts here at Sarah Waddington Solicitors will professionally represent your case in court.

How Our Solicitors Deal with Flight Delay Claims

At Sarah Waddington Solicitors, we deal with claims on a no win, no fee basis. This means that in the event that the case is unsuccessful, you do not have to pay any fees for our services. We work on this basis with all of our clients, offering honesty and transparency in all areas of the claims process. Even if clients approach us with a compensation query, we are more than happy to offer guidance and support where needed.

In order to help process your claim it is always beneficial to have as much information and evidence as possible and some of things our solicitors might require from clients include:

  • Flight Number
  • Date of Flight
  • Arrival and Departure Airport
  • Scheduled Flight Time
  • Duration of Delayed Flight
  • Boarding Pass and Valid Passport ID
  • In certain circumstances, it is often found that airlines refuse to offer compensation for the inconvenience caused. If this occurs, the experts here at Sarah Waddington Solicitors will professionally represent your case and pursue your claim, all the way to court if necessary.

What if I have already made a claim that has been denied?

If you have at some point already attempted to make a flight delay compensation claim to the airline that has been denied, this does not necessarily mean it’s the end. Even if the airline has denied your claim or used the excuse of it having been down to ‘extraordinary circumstances’ and therefore out of their control, it is always worth making sure. Airlines don’t want to pay out money if they can help it and have been known to claim extraordinary circumstances or just outright deny an application when it is in fact valid.

At Sarah Waddington Solicitors we can take care of the whole process. Our expert team have the tools and resources to fact check airlines and flights, ensuring that your rights are reinforced and maximising your probability of a successful flight delay compensation claim.

If your first flight being delayed has caused you to miss your second or connecting flight, then providing the airline was responsible for the delay you could be entitled to missed connection compensation.

The amount you will get is determined by the distance between your original point of departure or first flight and your final destination. Not the number of miles flown between the departure, stopover and final destination airport.

Similar rules apply as to those for the standard flight delay compensation except that the EU Law covers delays to connecting flights whether that connecting flight departed from an EU or non-EU airport.

A lot of people aren’t aware that they are entitled to flight delay compensation until months or even years after the fact. It is always helpful to be aware of what you are entitled to, what to do if a delay occurs and what the airline are obligated to provide in the event of a severe delay.

With their responsibility to provide care and assistance to all passengers on delayed flights of more than 3 hours, airlines must offer passengers the following:

  • A Free meal and refreshments or a coupon or voucher to pay for them
  • Two emails or phone calls if required
  • If the delay is overnight, free hotel accommodation and transport to the hotel

If for whatever reason you are not offered the above, be sure to keep as much evidence as possible such as boarding cards and other documents as well as receipts for meals, sustenance, accommodation or additional charges you have had to pay out for as a result of the delay. This could help when claiming back for such costs at a later date.

Securing Flight Compensation Today

Flight delays are highly frustrating, and even though they can’t be physically controlled, we offer the ability to claim for compensation professionally. There’s no harm in trying and if your unsure as to what your course of action should entail, we recommend submitting your information into our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP. As well as working on a no win, no fee basis, we also offer free, no obligation consultations which gives you a chance to discuss your case in further and greater detail.
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