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Wyndham Salespeople Sign Up Prize Winners to a $15,000 Credit Agreement Without Consent

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As many of our Timeshare clients will be aware of, Timeshare sales presentations can be described as forceful, incredibly persuasive and highly pressurised. But a recent story we heard about takes this to an entirely new level.

One American couple were ‘lucky’ enough to win a very expensive holiday, all they had to do to claim this prize was to endure a presentation at the Wyndham resort for only 90-minutes (does this sound at all familiar?). After almost five hours of being told that they still could not claim their free holiday until they had finished the presentation, and the couple refusing to purchase the Timeshare on offer they were allowed to leave.

However, the nightmare continued when several weeks later the couple received a letter thanking them for opening an account with PayPal. The confused couple had no idea when this had happened, how this had happened or for what purpose this account had been opened.

After doing some digging with the help of PayPal, the couple were horrified to discover they had opened a $15,000 PayPal credit account “during their recent visit to the Wyndham Resorts property.”

They were in no financial position to be able to afford this line of credit, let alone the additional Wyndham Rewards Visa Card they had also applied for that day, without any knowledge!

Wyndham representatives have said that the couple should have known what they were signing up for, however, the young couple was under the impression that the forms they were filling out, and the information they were handing over, were to claim the prize that they had won. The details they had handed over had been used for multiple purposes of which none had been fully authorised or informed to the couple.

The representatives had even falsified the amount they were earning on an annual basis!

Unfortunately, this type of behaviour is not uncommon, and not limited to only Wyndham resorts. In fact, we have had hundreds of clients with very similar stories to this. For example, we have had clients who have been signed up to credit agreements at the age of 75 and above. You can read the full article here.

If you have experienced anything like this or would like some advice on any Timeshare or Finance related issues to get in touch with a member of our team and we will be happy to assist you.

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