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Timeshare Guide 2021

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Specialising in timeshare disputes, our expert legal team have put together a completely free, downloadable, all in one guide to help you understand what you need to know about timeshare claims.

Whether you have just recently entered into a timeshare agreement or have been tied into a timeshare contract for years now, this comprehensive guide could be the key to getting you the compensation you deserve.

The Free Compensation Guide You Need

We know that for those who have been mis sold, tricked or pressured into a timeshare agreement, finding reliable, accurate and relevant information on making a claim can be very difficult to find.

That’s why Sarah Waddington solicitors have put together this helpful Timeshare Claims & Compensation Guide 2021, detailing helpful, informative and important information about timeshares and timeshare compensation.

Just some of the topics covered and questions answered within the guide include;

  • Timeshare overview

A breakdown explaining in clear, easy to understand terms what a timeshare is and how they work including an outline of the various types of ownership or time allocation systems upon which contracts are based.

  • Mis Sold Timeshares and Unregulated Companies

This section details a brief history of timeshare lawfulness, a summary of what mis sold timeshares or timeshare scams are and how you can check to see if you may have a case for a timeshare compensation claim.

  • Timeshare Compensation

This segment outlines what timeshare compensation is as well as a list of examples explaining why you might be entitled to compensation and details about the claims process itself. There is also some helpful information about how you can find out just how much compensation you could be entitled to using our free timeshare compensation calculator.

Are You A Timeshare Owner?

If your timeshare experience has left a bad taste in your mouth and you feel like there’s nothing but dead ends everywhere you turn, then our comprehensive Timeshare compensation & Scams Guide 2021 could be exactly what you need.

This detailed PDF provides practical information aimed at helping those who have been tricked or pressured into signing a timeshare contract that they didn’t want, didn’t understand, can’t afford or that doesn’t deliver on what was promised.

If you are unsure if you were mis sold your timeshare or don’t know how to proceed with making a claim, our guide takes just a few minutes to read and breaks everything down into clear, easy to understand sections.

Download Your Guide Today!

Download Our Guide

At Sarah Waddington Solicitors we know just how much of a burden an unwanted timeshare can be and how much it can affect your finances and your life. Our legal team of timeshare specialists work every day to provide clients like you with the professional support they need, pursuing their timeshare claim on their behalf to secure the compensation they deserve.

This complete timeshare compensation guide is yours to download for free. If you have any additional questions, require more information or would like to speak to someone then do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our friendly advisors will be happy to help.

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