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Secure a Will from the comfort of your own home

Are you putting yourself and your partner at risk by failing to plan for the future? More than anyone else, homeowners, parents, and grandparents should avoid the pitfalls of not preparing a will.

It’s shocking to think that so many UK adults have failed to prepare a Will. 

It’s estimated that around 27 million adults in the UK have yet to prepare a Will. This can have serious consequences, especially for those that have children or are homeowners. Dying without a will means relying on other factors to run their course, which may result in little, or no consideration of what you may have wanted.

Nowadays this can be easily resolved over the phone with one of our team or online – you can have your will written without even having to move from your seat.

“The cost of having a will drawn up is tiny when you consider the stress it avoids.”

Professional wills are widely available for as little as £110

 Why planning ahead is essential

Passing away with no valid will is referred to as ‘dying intestate’. Should this happen, your money, possessions and property will be divided up according to the law, and could result in your loved ones inheriting nothing.

You should seek additional advice if you or a loved one is facing the possibility of losing mental capacity. In this case, it’s critical you get a Lasting Power of Attorney. Without a LPA, your finances and assets could be passed to an external deputy to manage, which can be difficult for the family and very costly.

A LPA will ensure that someone you know and trust will be in charge of your finances and assets, and leave you and your family with peace of mind.

“Securing a Lasting Power of Attorney brings many peace of mind to know someone they know and trust will be in charge of their finances and assets’

Professional wills are widely available for as little as £110

It’s important to make sure your Will is secure and law-abiding, which is why you should get your Will and Lasting Power of Attorney drawn up using a professional. For couples who would like joint Wills, Mirror Wills are an option. Our team now offer flexible appointments online in the comfort of your own home with prices as little as £110.

What should I do now?

All you need to do now is email us on info@sarahwaddingtons.com, call is on 01920 481499 or request a call back from one of our advisors and we will run through the available appointment times, Will options and prices. it’s as simple as that.

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