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Are solicitors more expensive than a claims management company?

No, we offer competitive prices for our services with no hidden costs. Our regulatory body insists that we provide clients with the best information possible about our fees from the outset so that you are aware of the likely overall cost. This enables you to compare our fees against the savings you will make by removing the financial burdens of your ownership, for example ongoing maintenance fees. If we fail to provide you with adequate costs information you will have recourse to make a complaint that can be elevated to an independent body, the Legal Ombudsman. Many of our clients have highlighted common issues when they have instructed unregulated companies to act for them such as additional fees to claim compensation, fees to release funds and in many cases fees to be introduced to a Solicitor further down the line to complete to work when they could have gone directly.  Unregulated businesses are not overseen by any independent body, and they can tell you anything without being held accountable by regulatory and complaints handling bodies.


How do you keep your costs down?

We have been helping clients for over 5 years and successfully relinquished over a 1000 clients and recovered hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation. We are in contact with many of the Timeshare companies which allow us to free clients quickly and efficiently. This helps us to keep costs down and benefits our clients. With our specific timeshare law experience, we have over time developed tactics in how to approach and communicate with the Timeshare companies in a way that will delivery results and are accepted by the Timeshare companies as a credible and reasonable adviser to the owners.

We do not cold call clients or use the services of call centre operatives, unlike many claims management companies. We do not pass the business on to a third party, you deal directly with us and have an agreement directly with us. Peace of mind that the money you spend is not being used on marketing costs or being used to pay agents to make home visits or subject clients to high pressure zoom calls. All of these keep clients costs down. Our contracts are transparent. We are UK based with our own offices in Spain, allows us to complete work required in Spain with no additional costs to client.


What if I can’t afford the fee?

We understand that people are struggling financially at the moment and as a result we are offering a number of different payment options, please ask for more details if you require more information


I have lost money with other companies promising to relinquish me from my timeshare and get me compensation. How do I know you will not do the same? 

As a regulated body of solicitors, we must act in our client’s best interests all the time. If you have lost money using unregulated firms, please contact us for some free advice we may be able to help


If you feel like you have a case to make a claim and would like to know just how much you compensation you could be owed, then try our free timeshare compensation calculator. The dedicated and experienced team at Sarah Waddington Solicitors are on hand to offer guidance and advice on what to do next so please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your case.


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