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Dear All,

Further to the latest update we have now reviewed the formal advice received from Counsel and have began to implement his suggested actions. Due to the complex nature of the expected action, Counsel have advised that we engage the services of a specialist QC to work with us in moving forward. Counsel is working very closely with us to prepare the instructions for the QC and has opened discussions on our behalf to ensure we have the correct support. The QC has responded favourably to our initial communications and is interested in the case as explained. They specialise in UK Property law and Landlord / Tenant disputes and have gained a strong reputation in this area of law.

At the present time we are prioritising moving the case forward and engaging the correct personnel required. As you would understand, ensuring that we support counsel with passing on the appropriate information to the QC is our number one priority. We will focus on this activity at the expense of all else for the time being. Once we have engaged and passed on the required information, we will then take some time to write a more detailed report on the advice we have received and ensure that you are all updated.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend and we will endeavour to keep you updated as things progress.

Your legal team.

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Widbury Barns, Widbury Hill, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 7QE