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If you are looking to get out of your Timeshare Contract we refer you to our sister company Sarah Waddington Legal Espana who can provide advice on whether we believe it was unlawfully sold to you.

We believe it is important for you to make a fully informed decision before you instruct any solicitor’s firm to act on your behalf. The free 30 minute assessment system has been developed to provide you with initial advice and make sure that we can fully understand your situation. We will never take on a client if we do not believe they have a valid case.

Contact us today to request your assessment.

Once we receive your request we will refer you to our sister company Sarah Waddington Espana S.L where one of their highly skilled advisors will contact you to find out more information about your situation. All of the advisors have detailed knowledge of the Timeshare industry and will be able to advise you on what your options are.

Instructing us to act on your behalf

If they believe that you have a valid legal case they can act on your behalf to legally challenge the Timeshare company to release you from your agreement. You will be provided with a no-obligation quote and sent a client care pack containing:

• Client Care Letter

• Client Declaration instructing us to act

• Client Authority to act

• Terms and Conditions of business

• Client Questionnaire

There is no obligation until you sign and return the paperwork instructing us to take on your case.

Our Fees

Timeshare Relinquishment is charge using an agreed fee with our sister company Sarah Waddington Legal. There are no hidden costs and the agreed fee will not change once you have signed a contract with us. The agreed fee is not dependent upon the work being carried out. Should there also be the grounds to pursue a compensation claim or should the matter need to be litigated on a separate No Win No Fee agreements will be sent to instruct Sarah Waddington Solicitors to carry out this work.

As part of the Timeshare Relinquishment service the legal team will review all of your paperwork and file a claim with the Timeshare company to get you out of your agreement. They will also provide advice on whether there are potential grounds for compensation against the Timeshare company. If they believe there are, you will be referred back to Sarah Waddington Solicitors where we will build a case to fight for compensation on your behalf.

In some cases, when a Timeshare has been purchased with the assistance of credit, it may also be possible for a compensation claim to be made against the bank that provided the finance.

All fees will be clearly communicated to you and agreed in advance of any work being undertaken.

More information about the Legal process can be found here.

Cancellation rights: As with any Consumer Transaction you will be afforded 14 days cancellation rights and this notice is contained within the Client care pack. We must observe this period unless you specifically waive this right and Instruct us to commence work immediately. Given that the nature of the instruction is based upon an agreed fee which is agreed and payable from the outset beyond the 14 days cancellation period we are not able to provide refunds should you decide to terminate your instructions. If you have not made payment in full then the balance would be payable. You should also know that work is not commenced until we have received and cleared payment in full.

Can I Cancel my Timeshare?

Whilst it is true that a timeshare contract is a legally binding document, there is a myth perpetuated by timeshare developers and the industry, that leads consumers to believe that these contracts are impenetrable and cannot be cancelled. As a consumer you have certain rights that are put in place to help protect you and your money.

As standard, those who buy a timeshare have a 14 day cooling off period in which they have the right to cancel immediately and without reason. In Spain and other EU countries there are also the ‘Timeshare, Holiday Products, Resale and Exchange Contracts Regulations 2010’ which resorts are obliged to give you when you make your purchase. If they fail to handover these documents, then the consumers ‘cooling off period’ is automatically extended until they do (subject to limitations).

There are also a number of ways in which a contract can be deemed ‘cancellable’ under general contract law. If there was failure of consideration, fraud, a timeshare scam or resale, or the customer was taken advantage of, or mislead and this can be proven, then there is a strong case for cancellation of the contract.

Timeshare law can be incredibly complex with products being sold under various arrangements and multifaceted exchange schemes which is why trying to release yourself from a timeshare contract can take up several years with no resolution. This is why it is vital to seek assistance from a professional, qualified and reputable company to help navigate you through the extensive legal process of withdrawing from your timeshare agreement.

There are some organisations that will deal with legal matters and claim to be able to help but don’t waste your time and money, only deal with legitimate solicitors who specialise in timeshare law and know the inner workings of the industry.

The right legal support will be able to assess your individual situation, identify the best path going forward, take the appropriate course of action and help ensure that your case progresses to achieve the resolution you were hoping for.

Every timeshare case is unique and will vary in complexity depending on the way in which it was sold, the contracts, the timeshare company itself and under what circumstances the purchase was made.

As soon as you have instructed a solicitor to act on your behalf, have paid any necessary fees and all the required documents are made available, the work on your case can begin. Some cases can take up to 2 years to reach the final outcome, but your solicitor should be able to give you a clearer indication on expected timelines once they have assessed all of the paperwork.

It is common practice for timeshare companies to use a multitude of delay tactics for as long as they can in order to attempt to hinder and put off consumers or legal agencies from pursuing the case against them. An experienced timeshare solicitor will not be fooled by such measures and know every dirty trick in the book they will attempt to use so will be able to handle these and keep you informed of the status of your case.

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