Timeshare Claims and Compensation

Have you been mis-sold a timeshare in the past and are looking to receive compensation? Timeshare compensation claims can be very complex and require expert advice to make sure the case is being solved to the best of our ability. At Sarah Waddington Solicitors we can help you with your Timeshare Dispute; we work to ensure our customers are satisfied and happy with the service we have offered them.

How You Can Get Compensation

We understand that many people find it difficult to know when they are receiving information from a company whose aim allows them to succeed, compared to a company who simply wants to receive a large sum of money for a service they haven’t completed. It is much more beneficial to invest your time and money into a registered company like Sarah Waddington Solicitors with over 20 years of experience, specialising in the resolution of timeshare disputes, along with several other legal matters.

Each timeshare compensation claims case will be different; therefore, it is important for our specialists to gather a fair amount of information not only about the timeshare company but also about the contract you signed up to. Companies are clever and talented in mis-selling people products and services and that is where our solicitors come in.

To ensure our client’s case is valid and eligible to gain back compensation, we offer a free 30-minute consultation where our specialist staff will review and begin to fully understand the situation.

Have You Been Mis Sold a Timeshare?

The idea and concept of having a timeshare sounds perfect, bathing in the scorching hot sun all day long with your family and friends, what could be better? However, this is not always the case and the reality is that what has been sold to you isn’t always legitimate, causing you to feel slightly trapped into something you no longer want any involvement in. Even though the process of receiving timeshare compensation from a claim you have made isn’t a straight-forward process, our team at Sarah Waddington Solicitors will take a step-by-step logical approach to every aspect of this legal matter. With timeshare claims and compensation cases that we have dealt with in the past, we have successfully negotiated an effective exit route for our clients and only ever invest ourselves in your case if we feel like progress can be made.

What to Do Next?

If you feel like you would benefit from speaking directly to one of the team at Sarah Waddington Solicitors, we would be more than happy to give you some advice and put you on the right path of how to tackle your timeshare issue. Dealing with Timeshare Law can become very complicated and sometimes prove to be difficult to solve and that is why our solicitors are here to help!

Together, we have a wealth of knowledge which we are willing to share with you to help solve your problem. No need to worry either, because all fees will be decided between both the client and our solicitors before any work takes place.

How to Get in Touch

Contact our Solicitors at Sarah Waddington by dropping us an email or enquiring on our page today. After weeks, months and years of trying to find a genuine solicitor’s practice who will help you with your Timeshare claims and compensation issue, look no further than Sarah Waddington Solicitors.

Contact Us Today

Contact Sarah Waddington Solicitors today by calling us direct on 01924 675039 or emailing us on info@sarahwaddingtonsolicitors.co.uk. Alternatively Send us a message and one of our professional team will be in touch with you shortly.

Remember, there is no obligation to instruct us so contact us now for your free consultation.

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