Spanish Conveyancing

Spanish Property Conveyancing

Sarah Waddington Legal SL is part of the Sarah Waddington Solicitors Team who have a group of professional property representatives based purely in Spain, who are continually on hand to be your self-governing and independent legal purchaser, we also act as your fiscal legislature to specifically ensure the correct property taxes are paid for non-resident individuals or companies.

Our services aren’t limited to just one type of client, we offer professional skills and unparalleled, independent property expertise to both commercial and private clients. Spanish Property Conveyancing is the act of purchasing or selling a property in Spain. Due to the difference in language and modification of rules and regulations, this can sometimes become challenging if you don’t seek expert advice and guidance – that is where we can assist as our specialist legal team are complete with years of experience.

The Spanish Property Conveyancing Services We Provide

At Sarah Waddington Legal our specialist knowledge is the ideal option for both, Spanish and British residents that are looking to purchase or sell a property in Spain. We have an office based in mainland Spain, which enlists the assistance of multi-lingual staff, who are able to understand and translate differing linguistics when needed. Each of our trusted team members propose exceptional comprehension towards the Spanish regulation and constitution, outlining the direct impact for UK ex-patriots, Spanish locals and UK residents who are planning to purchase a holiday home or rental property abroad. Our wide range of services within this sector include:

• Conveyancing on property purchases
• Sales and transfers
• Distressed property sales and purchases
• Bank repossessions
• Licensing
• Planning compliance and disputes
• Legalisation of existing properties
• Property checks
• Services for professional and institutional investors
• Mortgages and bank guarantees

What to Consider When Purchasing a Spanish Property?

With a wealth of first-class knowledge in the legislation industry, our guidance and assistance can always be backed up with evidence and material to support our reasonings. When people are first considering their potential move to a foreign country, it is imperative that they out-weigh the possible complications and accomplishment that may result from the initial property purchase.

Language Barrier: A very obvious consideration, however something that people refuse to contemplate the lack of dialect between the usual Spanish and British Property Conveyancer. Sarah Waddington Solicitors enlist the services of Bi-lingual staff members to enable an ease of translation and to avoid any possible language barriers, preventing transaction and communication between potential buyers and Spanish property owners.

Different Legal System: In comparison to the British Legal System, the Spanish constitution employs modified laws regarding regulations and acts involved in the property purchasing industry. Enlisting in the services of our specialist team, we absolutely guarantee a complete review of the laws utilised in both countries, ensuring no regulations are breached.

Expert Spanish Property Conveyancing Team

We pay particular attention to customers buying within urban and rural areas, taking all considerations into account when verifying all planning requirements and compliance, ensuring that no debts are held against the property so that title is fully secured, and the property purchase process runs as smoothly as possible. Our Spanish Property Conveyancing Team don’t take shortcuts, we are committed to the certification of property surveyance, following and abiding by strict regulations within the entire legislation industry.

There are many circumstances where recruiting the assistance of a professional solicitors would be highly beneficial, and this is one of them. Whether you are purchasing a property from a specifically chosen bank, an agent or privately sourcing, you are under no authorised obligation to use the vendor’s legal counsel. It is always recommended for you to utilise the services of an independent soliciting advisor, and luckily, we are always here to help you get the best and most cost-effective deal for your individual property circumstances and will guarantee that we provide you with everything you could need throughout the extensive process of purchasing property abroad.

Our outstanding expertise and exceptional proficiency have been finely-tuned over the years to suit and meet the many needs of private and commercial clients, especially non-residents. Combining our Spanish Property Conveyancing Team’s top capabilities with our trusted administration team is the perfect match for taking care of every detail and ensuring maximal success rate for customers looking to sell or buy a property in Spain.

How we Deal with Spanish Property Conveyancing

As a team of trusted consultants, specially trained in Spanish Property Conveyancing, we deal with all queries with the utmost discretion, and are constantly striving to make improvements to our customer service. As a result of our consistent hard work and determination to delivering first-rate outcomes, we develop close relationships with all clients, ensuring they gain a greater insight into the steps we take when dealing with property conveyancing concerns.

For customers looking to buy off-plan or are considering the purchasing of properties under construction, we effectively negotiate staged payments to ensure that the purchaser is always protected by the appropriate guarantees and ensures that the customer has complete control over the agreement. We also act for any client wishing to claim against developers that have defaulted on agreed delivery of a property.

We also offer practical advice regarding mortgages and tax matters, all the way to taking care of day-to-day issues such as the transfer mains services. We go above and beyond for clients and can confirm that our services are of the highest standards, ensuring optimal success and accomplishment within the purchasing of any property in Spain. After the purchase has been legally agreed, we can also act as your fiscal representatives to make sure that the correct and accurate property taxes are paid for non-resident individuals or companies. Rentals, leases and all types of tenancy whether commercial or private are skilfully and knowledgeably executed by our English and Spanish lawyers offering you the finest protection and security with your purchase.

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