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Achieving a clients dream to be timeshare free

Helping timeshare owners to exit their contracts is so rewarding and worthwhile. There are many we have helped to become timeshare free, and some clients have multiple purchases and loans which can make things more complicated but possible to assist. The important part is making sure that the timeshare ownerships are properly cancelled, and former owners receive the confirmation of release from their membership which has been sent directly from the timeshare company and not a third party who does not have the authority to advise the owner their membership is terminated.

Recent case study of a Timeshare claim

We have been assisting one such client who was a vulnerable widow who had purchased multiple timeshare ownerships with her late husband. As retirement was approaching the client was fearful of being left in retirement with the considerable burden of 3 overseas timeshare ownerships which she had owned for many years and were costing her 3 lots of increasing management fees each year. This client was now widowed, retired, elderly and in poor health. This client had not made use of the timeshare for many years and had unsuccessfully tried to get herself released.

Timeshare distress followed by relief

This client came to see us at the office in a very distressed state. She was in desperate situation and needed practical advice and immediate help and so she turned to us believing that her situation was hopeless and the nothing could be done but continue to pay.

We were pleased to see a much happier client leaving the office feeling much settled about the reality of her situation and now feeling that she had the professional help and support she needed to get her through this distressing time and secure her release from her timeshare nightmare. She was not alone now because we had joined her in the fight, and we immediately commenced battle on her behalf knowing that we could help this client and improve her desperate situation.

Achieving Timeshare freedom

Our brief was to secure the release from 3 timeshare ownerships and to investigate whether there was any prospect of her recovering any of her financial outlay. The main priority being to be timeshare free as soon as possible.

Timeshare compensation

This burden was affecting our client’s health and so we immediately set about trying to help her. We are delighted to report that we have secured the release from the 3 overseas timeshares which means that this client has written confirmation from the timeshare company confirming the cancellation of her timeshare ownerships with them. The additional work which we have carried out for this client has secured the total recovery of £31,000 for her which included some interest and repayment of unused management fees for the years paid and not used.

A glowing review

The client was so happy with the outcome and that work that our team had done on her behalf and wrote

“Thank you for everything that you have all done for me and my family, you have been life savers and I can now face start my retirement with peace of mind and no fear of massive future bills. Please give everyone my grateful thanks for their wonderful work.”

We were thrilled to receive this email because this is why we do what we do and it’s great to get such positive feedback for a client who we have been working for.

This is testament to the fact that members can be released from their ownerships and that getting the right advice and representation can make all the difference to the outcome.

If you want to find out if you can become timeshare free then get in touch now, the team at Sarah Waddington Solicitors will be happy to speak to you about your case. If you would like to get an idea of just how much compensation you could be owed then try our free timeshare compensation calculator.

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