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We have some exciting news! We are now on Review Solicitors

We are pleased to announce that Sarah Waddington Solicitors have now signed up to ReviewSolicitors the UK’s largest legal review site working closely with The Solicitors Regulation Authority (The SRA). Reviews within legal services are becoming more and more important and clients expect to read reviews about a law firm before instructing them. If you haven’t already, please check out some of our reviews here Sarah Waddington Reviews. Don’t just take our word for it!

About Review Solicitors

Taken from Review Solicitors website below is some of the key points to note. The full article can be found here

Review Solicitors have been invited to work with the SRA on an initial pilot for client reviews. A recent study by the SRA aims to produce findings and transparency within the legal market, both in terms of the amount of information available to clients when it comes to instructing a law firm, and the Quality Indicators that allow clients to make service comparisons.

The UK’s largest legal review site, Review Solicitors is working closely with the SRA to help law firms improve their review collection.

Those Firms taking part in the study, can take a proactive role in providing information and transparency within the legal services industry.

Why we joined Review Solicitors

It’s becoming more and more common place for clients in the Timeshare legal services market and potential clients of that market to be contacted by organisations claiming to be a “Legal” firm. These cold calls go on to make exaggerated or misleading statements of guaranteed compensation, quick relinquishment and exits from Timeshare ownership or promises to sell on the Timeshare. We wanted to make sure that any prospective clients considering instructing this firm, had a reliable and independent review service that they could consult when considering which firm to instruct so that they did not have to rely on sifting through the misinformation they may have received on an unsolicited basis.

As a regulated law firm, we cannot make inaccurate or misleading promises. We work on expertise, experience, and market knowledge which we have built up over several years, to advise you of the best solutions for YOU and your personal situation. We have helped hundreds of owners exit their Timeshare and recovered hundreds of thousands of pounds in refunds. By joining Review Solicitors, we are able to give potential clients access and transparency to the views of some of the people we have conducted work for. These reviews provide a unique insight into the service we have delivered and the outcomes we have achieved for the Timeshare owners. It allows visitors to see where we rank against the national average on key service indicators such as value for money, willingness to recommend and satisfactory outcomes. Not all law firms have been willing to take part in such surveys, but we believe that this is an essential part of allowing our potential clients the opportunity to make the best possible decision about which is the safest and most reliable firm to instruct.

False Reviews

It is unfortunate that we also receive reviews that contains inaccuracies which we believe are solely designed to provide an entirely false impression of the services which unfairly damages the reputation of Sarah Waddington Solicitors. Review Solicitors will allow us to manage these false reviews better going forward.

This type of approach has been used for many years, mainly by unregulated competitors, to prevent potential clients from finding a regulated service which will provide them with the advice and many consumer protections that they receive when instructing a regulated business. It is very clear if you read the true and accurate reviews that we have many extremely happy clients who have been very happy with the advice and representation they have received in bringing their case to a successful outcome.

We have been targeted for many years in this way and it is essential, as with all review services, that you consider the genuine reviews, whether good or bad.  Please also take time to understand the protections you will receive from instructing a regulated firm before making your decision about who to engage with to provide the legal services – we never claim to be perfect on every occasion and we may disagree on the way the matter is handled. However, this will always be advice based purely on your best interests

We are very pleased to say our current ranking is higher than the national average for other firms taking part in the scheme.

If you want any assistance relating to a Timeshare issue, please feel free to get in touch with us on our Timeshare Support Hotline 01920 481 499, or request a call back 

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