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Act now to save money on your unwanted Timeshare

Management fees and maintenance fees

For many Timeshare owners, September marks the start of next year’s annual management and maintenance fees becoming due. With the reported cost of living rising and inflation at an all-time high for many this year, the time leading up to receiving this year bill will be an anxious one. The timeshare companies will use Brexit, Covid, and the war in Ukraine to keep increasing their annual fees now and long after everything has gone back to normal, even though in some cases timeshare owners are unable to use the timeshare facilities.

What can I do?

Just avoiding them and not paying is not the answer. Contractually, you are still legally obliged to pay them and are bound by the contracts. Unless you have written confirmation from the timeshare company confirming that you are relinquished, you may still be liable to pay these fees and, in some cases, you may be accruing interest. Timeshare companies can instruct debt collectors to enforce the debt, with high costs attached.

What can we at Sarah Waddington do?

By instructing us to act on your behalf before your next fee is due, we will contact the timeshare company and start the process of relinquishing you from your contract, which will include requesting to freeze your annual fees.

I’ve been told I don’t have my timeshare anymore, but I’m still receiving annual fees

If you are still receiving bills then you are still liable for them and, most likely, are not timeshare free. Unfortunately, there have been several examples where our clients have previously instructed other unregulated organisations and, despite being told by them that they are Timeshare free, they were still members. Unless you received written confirmation from the Timeshare company you will most likely still be contractually liable for them. When instructing Sarah Waddington Solicitors, we will ensure that all the relevant and correct paperwork is provided to you upon confirmation of relinquishment

I’ve not heard anything from my timeshare company for a few years, so I don’t think I need to worry.

More worrying than the above are clients that have heard nothing and then receive a large bill for outstanding fees or debt collectors arriving to settle the outstanding fees. Just because you have not heard anything THIS DOES NOT free you from your contractual obligation to pay your fees and they may call upon these to be settled at any point. Remember, these times are extremely hard for the timeshare companies, and they need money as much as everyone else. A tactic used by most timeshare companies is to simply let the debt accrue, until there is enough for the bailiffs to take you to the high court, as they can then charge you exorbitant costs and interest for collecting the money. Do not become one of these victims. Here at Sarah Waddington’s we offer a service that seeks clarification of your ownership if you fall into this category and can relinquish you from your timeshare.

If you want to find out if you can become timeshare free then get in touch now, the team at Sarah Waddington Solicitors will be happy to speak to you about your case. If you would like to get an idea of just how much compensation you could be owed then try our free timeshare compensation calculator.

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