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SRA scams-round-up

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has, for a number years, published information about scams that have been reported to them. The regulator has now started publish a scams round up every two months, which is a helpful as a reminder that not everything is what it seems to be and gives examples of the types of scams being used.
The round up also provides you with an understanding of whether the rate of reported scams is on the increase or decrease and can be a useful addition to your own training and awareness programmes. Quite often, the weakest link in the defence against the scammers is your own people. Even when you have invested in the best security infrastructure it can be an individual’s lack of alertness or a drop in vigilance that allows the criminal to exploit the position.

It may seem easy to put off dealing with compliance issues or updates when you have more pressing issues but remember that it is easier to make any updates and changes without the worry of a looming deadline for submitting a declaration of compliance.

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