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When instructing a Solicitor to act on your behalf, it is really important you ensure the firm you are dealing with is legitimate. This is not only to ensure that they are qualified but also to ensure that they erate and are governed by the strict ethical practices expected of registered Legal firms. We would always encourage new and existing clients to use The Law Society’s ‘Find a Solicitor’ function to search for legal practices, especially when looking into niche areas of law such as Timeshare.

We have put together some easy step by step instructions to guide you on how to search for a firm, or an individual Solicitor, as we would like to encourage everyone to do this for all areas of law.

  1. Visit the website https://www.lawsociety.org.uk
  2. Click the link in the very top navigation bar, named ‘Find a Solicitor’
  3. When the search fields are displayed, ensure you have selected the ‘Pro Search’ option
  4. In the ‘SRA ID’ field type in the SRA number of the firm/solicitor you are trying to search for
  5. Alternatively, search for the name of the firm/individual you would like to look for using the ‘Type’ option boxes located at the top of the search field.
  6. You can also search for a firm/individual Solicitor, based on your location, by typing in your postcode in the ‘Location’ field box.

If you have any questions about using the Law Society’s ‘Find a Solicitor’ function feel free to let us know, we would be happy to assist you in any way possible. You can call us on 01924 675039 or email us on info@sarahwaddingtonsolicitors.co.uk.

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