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Each year thousands of UK holidaymakers go on a cruise. For many this is the holiday of a lifetime, it can often be to mark a special occasion, but when things go wrong it can be heart breaking for those involved. Especially as they are contained in the ship environment which is very isolating.

You should be aware that the Cruise operators are obligated to follow very strict and clear guidelines to prevent the risk of an illness outbreak and to also contain one if they occur. If the proper hygiene precautions are not followed an outbreak can spread rapidly.

If you’ve suffered an injury or illness whilst on board a ferry, boat or cruise liner, you may be able to claim back compensation for the injury, pain and suffering. Not only this but any costs incurred and the full cost of the holiday too!

You will no doubt have seen recent adverse media coverage relating to people making fraudulent claims. However, anyone who has suffered from genuine Sickness should not be afraid of making a genuine claim. Our advice would be to make your genuine claim through professional and properly regulated channels and do not allow yourself to be “coached” in any way. Alarm bells should start ringing if you receive a cold call, telling you that you’ve had a holiday sickness, providing you with details of the illness and the symptoms. Do not involve yourself in this under any circumstances. This will cause you trouble in the long run and is likely to involve you being implicated in a fraud.

Anyone making a proper and valid claim has nothing to fear and should not be deterred from bringing this claim.

Package Travel Regulations 1992

Most cruise holidays purchased in the UK are covered under the Package Travel Regulations 1992 which regulate the liability of the holiday organiser for accidents and personal injury. These are important rights for the holiday maker and the courts have deemed that’s cruises qualify in this. Claims under the Package Travel Regulations 1992 mean that you bear the burden of proving that it was the carrier at fault. Under the Package Travel Regulations 1992, you have 3 years in which to make a personal injury claim.

The International Athens Conventions

The International Athens Convention covers many different countries including the UK and deals with compensation claims specifically brought by cruise ship passengers. The Athens Convention applies to international carriage by sea. This is when the port of departure and the place of destination are different, or if the port of departure and destination are the same but there is also a port of call situated in a different country. Under the Athens Convention, you have 2 years from the date of your injury or illness to make a claim for compensation.

While many people will fully recover from an illness at sea, some can be left with long lasting or permanent symptoms and injuries.

You can read more about medical bills accrued at sea in this Which? article here.If you believe that you qualify with a genuine claim and you need help and advice on how to progress this, without fear of being tarnished with the “false claim” stigma you should contact us today. Our team of specialists will be happy to assist you in advancing your claim.

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