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How do I get out of my timeshare contract?

This is a question we get asked a lot. Many people feel helpless as their maintenance costs continue to rise, and yet they either do not want the Timeshare they own any longer, or they are unable to get the weeks they want each year. Either way, our clients come to us searching for a way out, in the hope that with legal advice they can escape from the Timeshare trap.

If you have checked out our ‘What are your options’ page where we discuss some of the routes out of Timeshare contracts, you will know there are 4 main options. Click the link above to view the page again.

So, once you decide to take legal action what happens?

First of all, we will work out if your case is valid, and has a strong argument for why you should exit your Timeshare. We will never take on cases that we don’t believe we can win. We will answer any questions you have and talk you through our fees and the way we work. We agree on all of the charges upfront, so you know exactly what you have to pay, and when this will need to be settled. We will not start a case until this is all agreed upon to give you peace of mind. We also offer a 14-day cooling off period so that you have time to ensure you made the right decision in instructing us to work on your behalf.

This is when the legal processes start behind the scenes. We start by collating all of your documents, which we will use to understand exactly how you came to own your Timeshare. Our senior Timeshare Legal representatives will then take a witness statement from you, which allows us to use your own words to build our case against the Timeshare company.

Our expert solicitors will then analyse all of the documents you give us, for example, your ownership documents, statements and other information from your file, and begin to draft your case plan. This will be sent to you to review before proceeding any further.

If required we will then liaise with senior Timeshare legal advisors who will amend the statements wherever necessary. This process will continue until we are both satisfied with the structure and content of the witness statement. Spending time on this is crucial in ensuring our case is not only built on the truth but also to ensure we gather as much information as possible, from the owners of the Timeshare.

Our team will then be able to review the case with our barrister, and contact the Timeshare companies for either relinquishment of the contract, compensation for breaches of Timeshare regulations, or both!

You can find out more about the legal process and the road to Timeshare relinquishment here.

As you can see the road to relinquishment is very complex, time-consuming and at times frustrating as Timeshare companies are often very difficult to deal with. However, our expertise and experience in this field allow us to deal with them in the best possible way, giving you the best possible chances of exiting your Timeshare.

For more information on our Timeshare relinquishment, and compensation services visit our Timeshare page here. 

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