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The Claims Management Regulator (CMR) cancelled the Claims Management Companies (CMC) membership of a firm last week after it was revealed they were encouraging their clients to exaggerate and fabricate holiday sickness claims.

Evidence gathered by the CMR showed that employees of the firm in question were using deceptive sales scripts, and exaggerating the expected payouts to entice customers to use their services. Since April, many claims organisations have been investigated by the CMR, with firms found to be at fault receiving warnings, compliance advice and even having their websites taken down. The CMR has also been working with the SRA, the Solicitors Regulator Authority, to gather intelligence and evidence about the market’s practices. All of which is a bid to clean up the holiday sickness claims industry, removing uncompliant and fraudulent companies, and with them the fake holiday sickness claims.

As a Solicitors, our firm is registered by the SRA. We are a legal body and therefore if we were to use any of these sales tactics, and actively lie we would be struck off. Holiday sickness is just one area of our business, and we would never jeopardise our well-established legal reputation for a quick win.

With all our holiday sickness claims, we have a strict set of criteria for prospective clients to meet. They must be able to provide evidence to support their claim, otherwise, we will have no issue in refusing to take the case further. Evidence can be in the form of medical records from the time of the sickness, or photographic evidence to prove the unhygienic conditions contributing to your holiday illness.

Genuine claimants have had their summer holiday’s ruined by poor hygiene and sanitation at some all-inclusive package holiday destinations. This is unfair and these victims are entitled to compensation from the resort who is at fault. We are here to help victims make holiday sickness claims effectively. Should your case need to go to court, we have experienced solicitors on hand to take your case from start to finish, and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

You can view the full article from The Law Society Gazette here, or you can visit our website for more information about our Holiday Sickness claims services. Get in touch with our team today.


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