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Do you have concerns about your Timeshare agreement?

Are you struggling with ever rising maintenance fees?

Have promises not been honoured?

Do you no longer benefit from your Timeshare?

Many Timeshare owners find themselves looking for a route out of their agreement every day. Most are unsure what to do, or who to speak to for help. Some have even been unsuccessfully attempting to legally exit their Timeshare contract for a number of years.

Our Solicitors are confident we can help you with the best course of action for your individual case.


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About Our Service

Free 30 Minute Assessment

We believe it is important for you to make a fully informed decision before you instruct any solicitor's firm to act on your behalf. Our free 30-minute assessment has been developed to provide you with initial advice and make sure that we can fully understand your situation. We will never take on a client if we feel they do not have a valid case

Instructing Us To Act On Your Behalf

If we believe that you have a valid legal case we can act on your behalf to legally challenge the Timeshare company to release you from your agreement. You will be provided with a no-obligation quote and sent a client care pack containing:

  • Client Care Letter
  • Client Declaration instructing us to act
  • Client Authority to act
  • Terms and Conditions of business
  • Client Questionnaire

  • There is no obligation until you sign and return the paperwork instructing us to take on your case.

    Our Fees

    We charge an agreed fee for our Timeshare Relinquishment service. There are no hidden costs and the agreed fee will not change once you have signed a contract with us. This means that no matter how complex or time consuming your case proves to be, you will never be charged extra.

    As with any Consumer transaction, you are guaranteed 14 days cancellation rights, a notice of this can also be found in your client care pack. We must observe this period unless you specifically waive your right and instruct us to commence your case immediately.

    Timeshare Contract Compensation

    As part of the Timeshare Relinquishment service, our legal team will review all of your paperwork and file a claim with the Timeshare company to get you out of your agreement. We will also provide advice on whether there are potential grounds for compensation. If we believe there are, we will build a case to fight for compensation on your behalf.

    This additional work is undertaken on a no win no fee basis, which will be discussed and agreed with you before any work begins.

    What is the law around Timeshare contracts?

    Timeshares In Europe are covered by the European Timeshare Act and the Timeshare Directive (1994).

    These Timeshare regulations were established to protect consumers from unfair practices by developers. There have been numerous amendments to both the Directive and Act with significant improvements and protection with each amendment. Although the European Commission has tried to control poor practices, there still appear to be numerous cases where the rules are not being followed.

    Timeshare Law is an extremely complex and specialised area, dealing with not just multiple governing laws but also different law areas such as property contract and finance. Different countries legislation may also need to be assessed as the property could be owned in one country, trusted in another and managed from another.

    What Are Your Options?


    There are lots of companies out there offering this service. However, it is illegal for companies, who are not law firms, to ask for money to sell or dispose of your Timeshare. We have clients coming to us every day who have been scammed out of thousands, by companies offering to get you out of your Timeshare.

    Stop Paying Management Fees

    We do not suggest this. Most companies have a clause in their contracts, stating they reserve the right to repossess, although they rarely act upon this. More often, they will send out debt collection companies to get this money back. Ultimately, you have signed a contract, and until that contract is no longer valid, you are liable for those fees.

    Types of Timeshare

    Weeks Clubs

    Weeks Clubs are generally referred to as old style Timeshare, however, this really isn't the case as the new Fractional Ownerships often mirror Weeks Clubs. In a Weeks Club you would generally buy a number of weeks per year (either fixed or floating) and use either the same apartment or pool of apartments for the duration of your ownership. In a fixed Week Club you would buy a specific week in a specific apartment, at a specific resort and you would be entitled to use that week of holiday, every year for the duration of your contract.

    Floating Weeks Clubs

    This works on a seasonal basis where you would buy an apartment size for a period of weeks in a resort for a specific season (high-season, midseason or low-season), and would then have access to a pool of apartments on a booking basis.

    Points Clubs

    Points Clubs tend to be more flexible than Week’s Clubs and tend to offer the ability to utilise multiple properties in multiple locations. You own a number of points which buys you holiday time each year in the club locations. You have the ability to book any apartment size; location or season based on availability and pay the appropriate points to book. Obviously larger apartments in nicer resorts in higher season will cost more points.

    Sarah Waddington Solicitors can help you relinquish your Timeshare contract, no matter what type of ownership you purchased

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